Appliance Repair Experts & Appliance Installation

We are the appliance repair experts and our engineers have already successfully repaired home appliances for many of our great clients across the Peel Region.

We are the cheapest call out fee (no hidden charges). For a one off $88 call out, we will fault find & quote your appliance whether it takes 15 minutes or 1 hour! Any Electrical Appliance we can fix it. If you’d like 2 appliances look at on the same day, we charge a $99 callout fee.
I service / repair most Electrical domestic appliances from Mandurah to South St!

We are a family based business. I have been an electrician for over 25 years and have had extensive experience in household appliances.

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Experienced Technician

Our technicians are available on your schedule! Call ahead to schedule a convenient appointment.

Quality Work, Every Time

Technician is courteous, respecting your home & family. Our attention to detail quality, safe work every time!

Small Pricing

Before our technicians start any work, they always explain what they are going to do.

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